Stefanini Palace
Via Palestro – farm
Tel 050-701901

Note: Currently the palace is home to the Mercy House.


Located opposite the church of Santa Maria, built in the seventeenth century as a result of the amalgamation of several existing buildings. Once owned by the wealthy family of cascinese Stefanini, appeared larger.
The brick façade is made up of three orders whose windows are highlighted by frames of stone. The portal is surrounded by a thick frame of the same material.
Inside is a large lounge with balcony, decorated and painted in the late Baroque style, and an alcove which can be accessed through a bow decorated with stucco.

Di Pisaonline è un portale turistico sulla città di Pisa e della famosa Torre pendente. Fa parte del network di portali su Pisa by in rete dal 1996.

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